Handmade & Handpicked
Wooden Furniture

Kingsfield Country Furniture is a family run Yorkshire based furniture manufacture and retail company. We specialise in traditional handmade solid wood furniture which is manufactured using high grade seasoned hardwood and softwood to provide that all-important longevity which is becoming harder and harder to find these days. Being a family run company you can be sure that you will deal with real people who care about the products and what we do.


Luke's Story

The passion for working with wood came at an early age for me – when I was 9 years old I started making birdboxes in the barn using old timber that had been kept in the corn store for years. Even using only basic hand tools I soon perfected my birdboxes, along with the skills to restore old timber and make it beautiful once again. From that moment I was hooked and continued to expand my skill set, learning how to hand-carve traditional woodworking joints which I still use to this day.

After 10 years of saving and hardwork I finally managed to do what I always dreamed of doing and that was start up my very own furniture company that specialises in high quality handmade furniture, The quality of the furniture we sell and produce in our workshop is far superior to most other furniture seen in todays market with all products being manufactured or hand-selcted by us to ensure the highest quality furniture is delivered to our customers, So with the combination of my natural interest in furniture making and great effort in providing the best customer service and products possible for our customers, The outcome is a service incomparable with other furniture companies, Leaving our customers satisfied knowing there order has been handled by a company that cares.